Sinead 028Some of the tallest trees in the world, some five stories taller than the Statue of Liberty, grow within just a few minute’s drive from the Cher-ere Bridge Campground. Here are some of our favorite hikes where you can experience the beauty and the majesty of these ancient trees, whether you only have an hour or you have all day. If you want a user friendly guide to all the redwood trails in the area, see the Redwood Hikes website

Coastal Trail (Flint Ridge Section): See huge trees within five minutes of Chere-ere Bridge Campground. Starting where Klamath Beach Road meets Alder Camp Road, this trail goes through some huge redwood trees at its origin and near where the trail approaches the coast. Take in the Douglas Memorial Bridge site across from the trail head, where you can get a look at the upper estuary and the remnants of the old Highway 101 Bridge washed out by the 1964 flood. Cool old cement sculpted bears stand as silent sentinels of the ruin.

Damnation Creek: If you want a spectacular old growth redwood walk that also includes secluded coastal access, you should consider the Damnation Creek Trail in the southern extent of the Del Norte Redwoods State Park. The hike is steep, dropping 1100 feet to the beach, but you get a measure of the heights of the mighty redwood giants as the trail descends. This trail head is at a large pull out to the west side of Highway 101 approximately 10 miles north of Chere-ere Bridge Campground.

James Irvine Trail: This is a 3.5 mile walk that is ideal if you want to spend the whole day and get lots of exercise. The hike begins at Elk Prairie, which is the location of Prairie Creek State Park headquarters and passes through majestic, towering redwoods, parallels beautiful Prairie Creek that has spawning salmon in some seasons, and ends at spectacular Fern Canyon and Gold Bluffs Beach. Roosevelt elk are often seen feeding at Elk Prairie, but they also favor Gold Bluffs Beach near the mouth of Fern Canyon and are even seen bathing in the ocean on occasion, probably to knock down insects.